The 2021 KPSF Open

USTA Adult Tournaments Level 4 Open

The 2021 KPSF Open included both a women’s and men’s open draw and featured some of the best players in the Bay Area and beyond, all competing for $50,000 in prize money. This year’s event also featured a Bay Area Doubles Challenge and Arthur Ashe Community Day.

2021 Results

Men's Open Singles

  1. Raymond Sarmiento

    Raymond Sarmiento

    Singles Champion

  2. Dzianis Zharyn

    Dzianis Zharyn

    Singles Finalist

  3. Nino Alcantara, Timothy Sah

    Singles Semifinalists

Women's Open Singles

  1. Connie Ma

    Connie Ma

    Singles Champion

  2. Jovana Jovic

    Jovana Jovic

    Singles Finalist

  3. India Houghton, Maria Kozyreva

    Singles Semifinalists

Men's Open Doubles

  1. Nicholas Ballou, Michael Reiser

    Nicholas Ballou, Michael Reiser

    Doubles Champions

  2. Christopher Aria, Murphey Parker

    Doubles Finalists

Women's Open Doubles

  1. Maya Curry, Anjali Mogili

    Maya Curry, Anjali Mogili

    Doubles Champions

  2. Kelly Mulready, Alisa Yee

    Doubles Finalists